Is detox water really effective for losing weight? Know what nutritionist Pooja Malhotra is saying

Weight Loss: Is Detox Water Really Effective To Lose Weight?  Know what nutrition expert Pooja Malhotra says

Weight Loss: Detox water helps you get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the body.

Weight Loss: Drinking detox water is gaining very popular these days. People choose to drink it, especially after a special party. Some healthy fruits or vegetables are mixed with plain water to make detox water to ensure that their properties are incorporated into it. According to common belief, detox water helps you get rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body due to various reasons. However, many people prefer detox water over some people because it will help them reduce body fat. So is this just a fancy concept, or is there a real truth behind it? Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra has said the same thing by posting a video on Instagram.

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Pooja first asked if you overworked yourself last night by consuming food, sweets and sugary drinks, just because you thought detox drinks would remove your extra calories, a large glass of detox water helped you lose weight. Did it? She further adds that detox water is not a magic potion that is going to flush out your extra calories. She clarifies that “detox” is a loosely used term that literally means the removal of toxins, which is ultimately the full-time job of your liver and kidneys. She adds: “Infused water is great for boosting your metabolism, boosting your digestion and keeping you hydrated. So if you find plain water boring, drink detox water.

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Pooja Malhotra continues to share such important health-related tips. In his previous video, he shared the difference between cow’s milk and plant-based milk. In the video, he told that many people are starting to choose many food options these days, which include plant milk instead of cow’s milk. She says, however, that there is no substitute for cow’s milk. She says that cow’s milk has much more nutrition than plant-based milk. Just because you think plant-based milk is fancy and expensive, you should not switch to plant-based milk. However, if you suffer from abdominal bloating or pain after consuming cow’s milk, then you should consult a nutritionist to find out which milk to drink.

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