Esha Deol shares childhood picture with Papa Dharmendra looks beautiful

Who is this little girl in the arms of Bollywood's He-Man?  Appeared recently in Ajay Devgan's web series

Little Esha Deol in Dharmendra’s lap

New Delhi:

The magic of Bollywood’s He-Man Dharmendra is something that never seems to go away. There is no shortage of fans of Dharmendra’s killer appearance even today, that’s why all his pictures on social media go viral in an instant. But can you see who’s in Dharmendra’s lap? Let’s tell. Esha Deol has recently shared an old photo of herself with Papa, i.e. Dharmendra on Instagram, which people are very happy about. Pictured is Dharmendra holding Esha Deol in her lap and the look of this beautiful hunk of Bollywood looks amazing.

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Dashing Dharmendra wearing a jacket in a black and white image

This photo, which was shared from her official Instagram account, has been subtitled by Esha Deol – Lion fills with pride when he sees his young roar. In the picture, Isa mounted on Dharmendra’s lap roars like a lion. This image is black and white, but here too the beautiful appearance of Dharmendra wearing a jacket is amazing.

Isha was recently seen in ‘Rudra’

No wonder the comments of the tab have started to flow into this image. Every fan is seen reading ballads to praise for Dharmendra. At the same time, many people also praise Esha Deol’s cute. Esha Deol is under discussion due to the recently released web series Rudra and her activity is also visible on social media.

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