Delhi: Girl jumps off wall at Akshardham Metro Station,

Delhi: Girl jumps off wall at Akshardham Subway Station, CISF staff lays a sheet

Young man explains to the girl before jumping.

New Delhi:

There was a touch at Akshardham Metro Station in Delhi when CISF’s Quick Reaction Team staff saw a girl climb up the subway station wall around 7.28am. suicide (Suicide) tries. When the CISF Javanese saw the girl on the wall, raised their arms and legs, only then did the CISF soldiers try to convince the girl and said she should get out of the wall, but the girl did not agree to obey. CISF jawans kept the girl entangled in the talk, on the other hand, CISF staff reached with a sheet under the wall, so if the girl jumps and falls down, she should be rescued using a sheet. Police and ambulance also called.

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