Adarsh ​​Anand Become a girl and dance to song your will falsifies Aishwarya and Priyanka in expression

Adarsh ​​Anand danced like a girl on the song 'Aake Sidhi Lage Dil Pe', would forget Aishwarya-Priyanka in the expression

Adarsh ​​Anand’s new video

New Delhi:

The famous YouTube model Anand is an amazing dancer. His expression with dance is also amazing and he also adopts a great getup. Adarsh ​​Anand’s team of young children is also amazing, whether it’s a girl or a boy, they tie the knot. Ideal A song from YouTube is going very viral, where he has become both a boy and a girl and has given amazing dance and expression. Interestingly, despite the limited resources, he has made such an amazing video which has been viewed more than four lakh times on YouTube.

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In this video, Adarsh ​​Anand dances on the new version of ‘Aake Sidhi Lage Dil Pe’ and has dedicated it to Kishore Kumar. This YouTube video has received more than 24 thousand likes and people are praising it wildly in the comments. People tell you you’re great and you work hard. The way he has played two characters in this song is at least commendable in itself.

Let us tell you that Adarsh ​​Anand is a comedian, voice-over artist, singer and actor. His songs and plays at Kacha Badam were well-liked. Born in a small village in Bihar, Adarsh ​​is a self-made star. He also participated in the ‘Zee Comedy Show’. From Adarsh ​​filmmakers to social issues, he keeps making videos.

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